Thanks for stopping by. This is Andy DelGiudice, the guy pictured to your left (or below if you're on a mobile device). That's a rip off of the album cover for "This Year's Model" by Elvis Costello.  I made it a few years ago when I first started experimenting with portrait lighting.


A lot has changed since then (and that suit no longer fits) and I would now approach that portrait much differently, but it was a pretty fun start. 


The work presented in this website is the culmination of what followed during the years of  learning, collaborating, rethinking, exploring, reviewing and brainstorming. 


There's so much more to a great image than the eye can see. The final image may look effortless, but it's usually the result of thorough planning and execution. And a bit of luck, too. 


If you're in need of some photos or a creative collaborator, I'm available via email at or the below contact form.

All images on this site are © Andy DelGiudice