How does it work?

I don't keep a studio space and prefer to travel to my customers. A headshot can be created just about anywhere, so think of a small area in your office or workspace and I will meet you there at a time that works for you. 

Starter Pack sessions usually take about an hour from arrival to departure. Upon arrival, we can take a quick tour of the location you have in mind and once agreed, you can concentrate on your work while I set up my equipment. I will call you over once my gear is dialed in and you will spend about 20 minutes in front of the camera while we create your new headshot. 

After that, I will break down my equipment and you can get back to work with minimal interruption to your day. 

Payment can be made via cash, check, Paypal, Venmo or credit card. 

Starter Pack

Up to 2 outfits

2-3 "Finished" headshots


The Works!

More Everything!

Multiple Outfits

Up to 5 "Finished" Headshots


Staff Headshots

Create a consistent look for your staff or team. 

A professional photographer serving the Washington, D.C. region and beyond 

All images are © Andy DelGiudice