Bridget Regan Portrait Session

Bridget Regan is the owner & founder of Regan Agency, a branding agency based in Washington, D.C. We had worked together before she launched the agency and she needed some fresh portraits that better complemented her own brand and the vibe she communicates to new and established clients.

Research is a key element of the development process and Bridget put together a great mood board of images and portraits that caught her attention. A unified editorial theme began to emerge that Bridget dubbed “Bad Ass Boss B*tch.”

The mood was set. We chose her apartment as a meet up point and loosely defined location. I arrived an hour early and scouted possible scenes for the session.

The weather was nice; thin cloud cover on a cool fall afternoon and a number of interesting backgrounds were found near her building during my pre-shoot scouting. Everything appeared to be under control.

And then the wind picked up. Like, a lot. Bridget’s hair and my lighting equipment didn’t stand a chance, but we soldiered on.

First up was a dark blue paneled background located in a wind vortex between her apartment and the building next door. I could have hung out here all day but the 20+ mph winds were not ideal.

Next was a cool water surface window wrap backdrop that looked like it had a lot of potential during my pre-shoot scouting mission, but I thought my initial test shots with Bridget in place looked like too much an elementary school portrait background, so I bailed on it. That was unfortunate decision because I absolutely loved this test shot once I got home. Her facial expression is great, too. The bored, cold, preoccupied expression of someone who hates to have their picture taken having their picture taken. This is for sure an all time favorite outtake.

We then headed over to the Nationals Baseball stadium located across the street from her apartment. If she's a baseball fan, that'll be great when things return to normal and people can safely go to big events around other people. This is where the session started to really pick up momentum and provided the lions share of the keepers.

Here's a screenshot of one of her favorites from the session being used front and center on her personal website. It's always so rewarding to see great images from a session out in the wild. Helping entrepreneurs and creatives like Bridget better represent themselves and their brands is why I'm fighting so hard to stay in this game.

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