Just Rock Enterprises

Just Rock Enterprises provides music lessons and rehearsal spaces in Hyattsville and Brentwood, Maryland. Music is a foundation of my life. I grew up playing the drums. They served as an important creative outlet and educational tool for me as I waffled through elementary school and high school. To play a small part in an organization that is providing the same opportunity for kids is so rewarding. Arts budgets are usually the first to get the axe during the budgeting process, thereby depriving an untold number of kids an important aspect of their educational development.

I offered to put together a package of images of Just Rock's new Brentwood location. This included a few staff headshots, staged portraits and architecture style photos of the space itself. The new location has a common space and performance area, as well as various sized sound proof rehearsal rooms.

The founder, Shelita White, and I also put together an awesome group photo of her with three of her kids. She wanted something that said equal parts mom and entrepreneur. The kids were hilarious and played it up for the camera. This one was easy; arrange the family around the couch and let their personalities take it from there.

A package of images like this takes about two or three hours to put together and offers a myriad of uses. Google map listings, websites, social media, rental listings, flyers and pamphlets. It's always fun to see the images ping around the internet in the days, weeks, years to follow.


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