The Emily Jackson Group Image Catalog

A fun new project I have been working on involves building an image catalog of area amenities for our realtor, Emily Jackson. She helped my wife and I find and buy our first home in 2018 and we had such a good time working with her that we stayed in touch.

The images I produce for this project are included with her listings in an effort to show potential buyers what’s in the neighborhood besides their new house. These are fun for me because I can jump into the car when the light is nice and work my way through a loosely defined shot list of places and businesses throughout PG County, Maryland. My wife and I have been liking it here (except for the drivers. Whoaaaa Maryland drivers) and I hope images like these can help draw more newcomers to the area, too.

The project is also building my personal stock of images of our new environs. I spent a decade living and photographing in D.C., and it’s fascinating to look back at what caught my eyes over the years and what has changed.


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