The First Post

Welcome to Andy’s photo blog. This space will be used for longer form thoughts about my photography services, projects and business development, plus occasional ephemera about adulting, parenting and home ownership. Most of the posts start out as late night recaps after all of the parenting, consulting, house keeping and working is finished. There will probably be typos.

I’m actually on the fence about including the personal ephemera but we’ll wait and see how this plays out.

That’s kind of the point of this blog anyway; yes it’s a business development tool attached to my website, but I want it to sort of be a place for writing “out loud” about my business and the work that goes into having an opportunity to make work.

Because that’s what these are. Opportunities to make photographs.

What a living! It’s been a fantastic 6 years as an independent creative. It’s no coincidence that the first post of this new blog is occurring in the 8th (EIGHT!) month of a global health pandemic.

My business was obliterated by COVID19.

But it’s time to put in the work that makes more opportunities to do some work.