Total Revamp: Phase 2 - New Portrait Landing Page

There was and still is a lot to consider when redesigning my portrait page. I want to properly inform but not discourage. I like to think that when clients are window shopping photographers, they think “is this the photographer for me?” A lot can go into answering that question. One of the most important considerations is most likely the type of portraiture they’re looking for. Someone shopping for a family portrait session is going to have different expectations than a Communications Director planning a new ad campaign.

There is such a wide variety of portrait clients out there; small/medium/large scale businesses, independent creatives and service providers, artists, musicians, art directors, producers, and media editors. How do I make something that sends a signal to each of them that they are at the right place?

There’s also the world of family portraits; engagements, senior portraits, etc. Those services tend to call for its own unique landing page and I rarely venture down that path so for now I’m going to hold off on building a section with those services in mind. But times are tight, so who knows. If I find that I’m leaving too much on the table by not pursuing those clients than I might start building.

But right now I am primarily focused on commercial style portraiture of people and businesses that is used for publicity, marketing and advertising. For this iteration of my portrait page, I included information about the type of projects or services clients might be looking for, as well as a few general guidelines that go into pricing out a session. I hope this can give clients an idea of how session fees shake out. I also included links to personal projects that are good examples for a robust marketing library when paired with a quality series of portraits.

The dream is to serve Maryland, Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia based organizations with commercial portrait sessions as my main source of income. A lot can be accomplished in a half day portrait session, and I love the hustle of small and medium size businesses. These images can make a difference for them and I look forward to doing more.

This post is part of an on-going series about revamping my business.

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