Unfunded List

I spent the second half of 2020 doing digital design and communication work for Unfunded List, a DC based nonprofit that provides feedback and advice to unfunded grant proposals.

Unfunded List is an organization with a small staff that punches far above its weight. The organization’s founder, Dave Moss, channeled the power of his philanthropy network to compile an evaluation committee that provided feedback to unfunded grant proposals proposals. That initial committee has since grown to over 300 volunteers from a diverse array of fields and backgrounds, so a proposal on just about any topic can be matched with a group of knowledgeable volunteers. The feedback from each evaluator is comprised into a comprehensive report that is delivered to each applicant. These reports can help improve proposals for future fundraising efforts, streamline an organization's operations or even identify new potential avenues for funding opportunities.

I have known and collaborated with Dave on various projects since about 2015, when we both worked at The Lookout, a coworking space/pirate ship for DC based visual creatives. We have organized numerous portrait sessions at nonprofit and philanthropy focused events, including the United Nations Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as Unfunded List events.

Plus many, many headshots of Dave.

Current Activities

My main job with the organization today is to help grow the committee of volunteer evaluators and generally help Unfunded List look good and present its message in a clear and elegant fashion.

A major aspect of that effort was the build and launch of a completely redesigned website that I am quite proud of. It is built on Wordpress, which is an extra source of pride, as I have nibbled around the edges of Wordpress over the years but never learned its inner workings. The Unfunded List rebuild was a 12 round knock down drag out that I somehow emerged victorious from. I consider my new Wordpress familiarity to be a useful skill and creative outlet.

I used Elementor Pro for the build and enjoyed the process so much that I will be switching my own site from Wix to an Elementor built Wordpress site in 2021.

Stay tuned for that adventure.

In the meantime, peruse the Unfunded List and volunteer to be an evaluator. It’s a fascinating and rewarding process. Or, if you have an unfunded idea and want feedback on your proposal materials, submit it for feedback.

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